Our Story

Over 3 decades ago, ProStrong’s founder Doris suffered from weak, peeling, broken nails and grew desperate for a solution. She knew that if there was a better way, then she was going to find it. Everything changed when after years of research, she recognized the solution to put an end to troublesome nails forever: fluoride!

 Fast forward to today and ProStrong has restored not only the nails but the confidence of thousands of people like you. At ProStrong, it is our lifelong mission to help you get the most out of life thanks to the confidence healthy natural nails can bring! 



    First, ProStrong penetrates the nail to correct it at the source. Acrylics and polishes coat the top of the nail, masking the problem rather than fixing it. 

  • BOND

    Next, ProStrong bonds the nail together to stop the problems of flaking and peeling. This also protects the nail from damage and debris.


    Finally, ProStrong’s patented fluoride and calcium strengthen the nail. The best part is that your nails become healthier with each application.

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