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ProStrong Perfect Manicure Set

ProStrong Perfect Manicure Set

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ProStrong's Manicure set include our patented Manicure Hand Holder, small ProEdge file, small ProBuff file, small ProSmooth file, small ProQuench Over-nite Intensive Moisture barrier, and wooden cuticle pusher.

ProStrong's Manicure Hand Holder positions your nails in the most optimum position to apply your polish for a perfect application every time. Place hand palm down on white hand holder. Position fingers in finger grooves so that tips extend beyond edge of holder with thumb resting on table. Raise thumb and rest on index finger.  Apply product to thumb-let rest back on table. Continue on to index finger next, finishing with pinky. Switch hands and repeat process.

 ProStrong’s ProEdge File is a professional quality file that eliminates catches, tears and snags.  Use the black side to reduce length or shape the tip and the pink side to smooth microscopic roughness.

Use ProStrong’s ProBuff File to buff your nails to a beautiful high shine with the beige side.  Use the gray side of the ProBuff file to remove any microscopic roughness and tiny ridges.

Use ProStrong's ProSmooth File to reduce length.  Use the dark blue side of our ProSmooth file to reduce length or shape the tip of the nail. The light blue side is used to smooth microscopic roughness.

ProQuench™ Over-Nite Intensive Moisture Barrier creates an exterior barrier that prevents moisture loss from the nail. This extra rich barrier (fortified with apricot extract) provides maximum overnight protection by locking in and maintaining natural moisture content in nails and cuticles. Continuous use provides round-the clock moisture and protection. Each application lasts up to 8 hours or more. 2.7g

Cuticle Pusher helps neatly and gently push back excess cuticles.

Do not use ProQuench Moisture Barrier prior to applying base coat or polish as barrier will not allow proper adhesion to nail. For best adhesion, Barrier must be completely removed from nail and cuticle by first thoroughly washing hands, and then cleaning nail and cuticle with ProStrong’s polish remover.

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