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ProStrong Maximum Strength

ProStrong Maximum Strength

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ProStrong's Maximum Strength collection combines our patented fluoride treatment with calcium to strengthen the nail.  ProCal Calcium Nail Supplement when combined with ProAdvanced Fluoride Nail Strengthener increases calcium in the nail by 78% on average. 

ProAdvanced Fluoride Nail Strengthener, now with a new Vitamin B Complex added, is the most concentrated fluoride treatment available and instantly penetrates nails, even through polish. No dry time. Won’t wash off and will grow out with your nails. Just as fluoride strengthens your teeth, our patented fluoride formula strengthens your nail’s surface by bonding with natural calcium in the nail helping the strengthened nail to fully grow out. 0.5oz

ProAdvanced Triple Strength Nail Moisturizer with Peptides has 3 times more moisturizing liposomes plus a high level of cutting edge peptides that penetrate the nail’s surface (even through polish) helping to prevent dry, brittle nails that can keep them from fully growing out. 0.5oz

ProCal Calcium Nail Supplement  increases calcium in nails up to 78% on average in four weeks when combined with our patented Fluoride Treatment. Calcium and fluoride added to nails mineralizes them helping to make the nail stronger. 0.25oz

ProEdge File is designed for natural nails. Smooth away microscopic roughness helping to eliminate catches, teams and snags.

How to Use:

Brush on Strengthener to bare or polished nail from cuticle to tip and under tip. Apply ProCal to nail and under tip.  Apply another application of Strengthener

Brush Moisturizer on nails and massage into nail & cuticle twice daily or as needed. Then reduce to once daily. Do not use before applying base or top coat.*

Use the black side of the ProEdge file to reduce length and the pink side to shape.

*Important: For maximum adhesion, do not use moisturizing and oil products before applying base coat, top coat or polish. These products may cause lifting especially in the cuticle area.

Cannot ship to AK, HI, PR, VI, Guam.

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