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ProStrong BioFusion Nail Grafting Serum

ProStrong BioFusion Nail Grafting Serum

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ProStrong's BioFusion Nail Grafting Serum helps to thicken thin nails permanently, filling in small imperfections and ridges while it smoothes the nail’s surface.  The BioFusion Nail Grafting Serum fuses to the nail, quickly increasing nail thickness to an average of 10-35%. You’ll see and feel the results after one treatment (treatment takes 10 minutes).   This is not a polish or lacquer, but a safe mineral treatment for naturally thicker, smoother nails. 

Apply on clean bare nails. Twist top of ampule to open. Place a dot of serum on each nail on one hand. Evenly distribute the serum on the entire surface of the nail by spreading a thin film. Do not rub, but rather let serum stay on top of the nail to dry. It's ok if serum touches cuticle. Repeat on the nails of the other hand.  Allow to dry (approximately 10 minutes). 

Use one ampule weekly.

12 ampules

Cannot ship to AK, HI, PR, VI, Guam

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