Message From Doris

Dear ProStrong Customer,
It was no accident that the secret to strong nails was discovered. It was my own nagging problem of weak, peeling, and broken nails that provided the motivation for us to find a solution!

After years of painstaking research, the inventor of ProStrong’s patented products - discovered the answer to my nail problem... Fluoride! Since then, we’ve dramatically improved our Fluoride & Liposome Technologies leading to the development of many new ProStrong products for our customers. On this site we’re introducing our new technologies; Nail Wrap In A Bottle and ProArmor Manicure Finishing Top Coat… - see the Manicure Essential section for the exciting details!

Why ProStrong Products work! Patented Science Proven Results!

See the many unsolicited product testimonial statements from ProStrong customers on the pages that follow. A picture is worth a thousand words has never been more true than when describing how ProStrong products transform and restore not-so-perfect nails to their natural beauty. For starters, take a look at my pictures!

My personal guarantee - Finally, let me say that I personally guarantee your purchase in the fairest way I know. If you use my ProStrong products, and follow the ProStrong Program for 30 days and your nails have not improved, return your purchase, and I will promptly refund your money, no questions asked.

Strongly Yours,

Doris Crary
President, ProStrong, Inc.
PS: Not all Fluorides are created equal, ProStrong’s patented fluoride formulas can penetrate into the nail even through ProStrong’s ProWear Nail Enamel and ProTough to permanently bond with the calcium naturally found in your nails, and stays in the nail allowing it to grow out stronger

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Message From Doris.

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