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Solution for millions of problems nails, new technologies for over a decade. Clinically Proven result can be yours. As little as 10 minutes on some products. Weekly & Daily Treatments that require NO DRY Time. Treatment that penetrate instantly, don't wash out, but grows out in your new nail. Let our patented fluoride, minerals like calcium and vitamin got to work on your problem nails.

Beautiful nails are finally within your grasp.
...eliminate the embarrassment you feel about your nails!

ProStrong has taken nail technology one step further with the development of our patented nail Strengthening, Moisturizing, and Protection formulas. Developed to reverse a lifetime of nail problems, even the most persistent breaking, flaking, tearing, splitting and acrylic damage.
Strengthening fluoride, calcium, and BioFusion formulas. The fluoride formula strengthens the nail by penetrating to bond with your own natural calcium. For stubborn nails, our calcium formula dramatically boosts nail calcium. Our newest breakthrough BioFusion creates an amazing new strength and fortification in even the thinnest, weakest nails or those recovering from nail damaging acrylics.
Moisturizing formulas penetrate the nails and cuticles with botanical extracts, reducing the brittleness caused by wind, low humidity, or cold. Saturates nails with peptides and/or liposomes to support nail flexibility and fights dryness or create an external barrier that locks in natural moisture.
Protection formulas create a freshly manicured appearance on the nail with a protection shield. Convert thin, frail, brittle nails with each stroke to tremendously harden properties to provide a safe alternative to gels, acrylics and wraps. It provides strength, durability, shine and dries four times thicker than the competition. It can increase nail thickness without the use of harsh, damaging chemicals or acrylics.

All Nails Benefit From Fluoride Just Like Teeth
ProStrong can help solve even the most sever nail problems. Weak, splitting, peeling, and even acrylic damage nails. Our clinical test show that after using ProStrong Fluoride Treatments for just four weeks, it takes twice the force to bend the nail. Our patented fluoride formulas strengthen by penetrating into your nails to bond with the natural calcium in the nail even through polish. You’ll get a total system that solves all of your problem nails! Know the ProStrong difference. Unlike other “so called” nail treatments that sit on top of the nail, like polish or base coat, we penetrate into the nail where problems start. “That’s why we work!”

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